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  • PRO-MIC TRUE End-to-End

    PRO-MIC TRUE End-to-End

    This patented dual-arm system measures complete end-to-end profiles in one continuous pass. If your rolls have to be right, this is the system to have.
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  • PRO-MIC Lightweight

    The PRO-MIC Lightweight Precision Single Arm System is the new version of the PRO-MIC single arm system; extremely light and easy to handle. Measures to within 2 inches of each end of the roll body. Simple, fast, easy.
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  • PRO-MIC Manual Roll Caliper

    The PRO-MIC Manual Roll Caliper provides the same precision required for PRO-MIC saddles to measure electronically, making them outstanding when used as old fashioned dial indicator saddle mics.
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  • Low Clearance Systems

    Low Clearance Designs to measure Calender rolls with 35mm of clearance.
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  • PRO-MIC Digital Electronics

    The latest generation of PRO-MIC Electronics is all digital. Digital means no calibration adjustment and no worry about changing probes in the field without calibration - many other improvements too.
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  • PRO-MIC Rolling Caliper

    PRO-MIC Rolling Caliper (Opposed Probe) Systems use a rigid arm configuration and opposed Digital measurement probes. This design is popular for: extreme precision, rough or soft roll materials, large diameter backup rolls, The system is extremely light and easy to handle. Measures to within 2 inches of each end of the roll body.
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  • Retrofit Packages

    The PRO-MIC electronics can be retrofitted to your existing manual saddle mic. The cost of an electronic profile measurement system can be greatly reduced by re-using your existing saddle.
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  • PRO-MIC Mini-Z (Z-Mill Rolls)

    Specially designed systems for measuring small OD rolls.
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Latest Additions

  • PRO-MIC Store Thumbnail

    PRO-MIC now has an online store! Order batteries, cables, probes, contact tips, and more. Online ordering is currently available only in the U.S.

  • PRO-MIC Online Questionnaire Thumbnail

    Our questionnaire is now available online! Fill out the form and we'll contact you with more information as soon as we are able.

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