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TETE: High-Precision Digital Roll Measurement

Accurate and repeatable.

Available with with a resolution down to five-millionths of an inch (0.000125mm) and a guaranteed reapeatability of +/-0.0001" (0.0025mm), the PRO-MIC TRUE End-to-End System II is accurate enough and reliable enough for even the most demanding roll measurement needs.

Designed for convenience.

From its ingenious x-caliper design and new integrated arc handles for carrying the unit, to its easy four-button operation, no roll measurement solution is more convenient and easy to use than the PRO-MIC.

Expandibility and Options.

With a range of options including Bluetooth wireless connectivity, high-resolution probes, roll shape analysis, computer systems, and more, there are countless ways to customize a PRO-MIC system for your specific application.

Measures change in diameter ten times per inch with a resolution of 0.000020" (0.0005mm)

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